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2006 WCC Championship


Left : Peter Wojnar, after finishing tied for 2nd in 2005, dominates with 4.5 points and claims the undisputed 2006 WCC overall crown. 
Right : TD Andre Morawski is proud to give long-time friend Kevin Novak the 1st place trophy in the U1500 division.

Final Standings

Open Section                                                            U1500 
1st Peter Wojnar                                                        1st Kevin Novak 
2nd Duncan Foster                                                     T2nd Sam Davies 
T3rd Silvio Rosato                                                     T2nd John Gherardi 
T3rd Scott Sheff                                                        T2nd John Marino 
T3rd Tom Mendola                                                   5th Fred Gurzeler 
T3rd Donahue Scott                                                  6th Jimmy Jiang 
T3rd Polly Wright                                                     7th Aaron Priest 
7th Andre Morawski 
T8th Karl Schapira

TD Andre Morawski practices politics, handing out monetary 
awards for our runners-up simultaneously. 
From left to right: Andre Morawski, Silvio Rosato, Tom Mendola, Donahue Scott

RatingRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Score
1. Tom Mendola1853Lost 9Lost 4Won 11Won 13Won 63
2. Karl Schapira1702Lost 10Won 14Lost 12Won 11Lost 72
3. Polly Wright1700Lost 11Won 15Won 13Lost 9Won 143
4. Duncan Foster1672Lost 12Won 1Won 16Won 7Won 94
5. Peter Wojnar1647Draw 13Won 8Won 9Won 6Won 124.5
6. Donahue Scott1642Won 14Won 10Won 7Lost 5Lost 13
7. Scott Sheff1559Won 15Won 11Lost 6Lost 4Won 23
8. Andre Morawski1543Draw 16Lost 5Won 10Lost 12Won 132.5
9. Silvio Rosato1506Won 1Won 12Lost 5Won 3Lost 43
10. Sam Davies1475Won 2Lost 6Lost 8Lost 14Won 152
11. John Gherardi1424Won 3Lost 7Lost 1Lost 2Won 162
12. Kevin Novak1362Won 4Lost 9Won 2Won 8Lost 53
13. Fred Gurzeler1196Draw 5Won 16Lost 3Lost 1Lost 81.5
14. John Marino1192Lost 6Lost 2Won 15Won 10Lost 32
15. Aaron Priest1147Lost 7Lost 3Lost 14Dbl forfeit 16Lost 100
16. Jimmy JiangUNR.Draw 8Lost 13Lost 4Dbl forfeit 15Lost 110.5


A great group shot. Here represented are the fine members of the 
WCC who made it out to support our winner. Conratulations to all!