Summer 2018

The program is subject to adjustments, depending on attendance.

  • CLUB HOURS: Doors open Thursday at 7:30pm and must close at 11:00pm. If you come in on a Thursday and the outside door is still locked, please call Alan Kuras, 914-310-2122 or Andre Morawski, 917-583-3766. We both have door keys.
    • All tournaments are USCF rated. 
    • The program is subject to adjustments, depending on attendance.
    • Events begin at 8:00pm, ALL CLOCKS MUST START no later than 8:05 pm!
    • To express interest in a tournament, please email Alan Kuras & cc Andre Morawski
    • WCC membership yearly dues - Adult: $40, Student: $20.
    • Tournament entry fees - WCC members: free, Non-members: $15.
  • MAKE-UP GAMES: Those unable to play a round of a Tournament must notify opponent & TD Alan Kuras (please carbon-copy Andre Morawski & Polly Wright) no later than Wednesday at noon prior to that round's game, else be forfeited. Such games must be completed on or before the closest scheduled make-up Thursday. If TD will not receive results of the made up game by Tuesday before the next Championship Thursday, 6:00 pm, the game will be scored as an unrated forfeit.
  • REQUESTED BYEs: during a Tournament, a player will be allowed to take one 1/2-point bye. Notify TD a week in advance. No Bye’s in Championship.
  • CLOCK NOTES: Those using a digital clock, set the time given plus 5 second delay. Those using an analog clock, add 5 min 
    • Digital clocks: +5-second delay, i.e. G40 becomes G40+5sec/move
    • Analog clocks: 5 minutes added, i.e. G40 becomes G45  
  • FOOD & DRINK: At the request of the church, absolutely NO food or drink other than water is allowed in the building. The church graciously allows us to use their meeting room. Please leave the area clean and orderly as you found it. Thank you!

5 Jul.

Double Quads, G40+5”, same opponent, play two games: as White & Black. First Round.

12 Jul.

Double Quads, G40+5”, Second Round.

19 Jul.

Double Quads, G40+5”, Third Round.

26 Jul. 

Open, friendly games. Quad make-ups if necessary.

2 Aug.

Three-Round Summer Swiss, G75+5” (may be in Sections, depending turn-up). First Round.


Summer Swiss, G75+5” Second Round.

16 Aug.

Open, friendly games, Swiss make-ups if required.

23 Aug.

Summer Swiss, G75+5” Third Round.

30 Aug.

Open, friendly games, Swiss make-ups if required.

                     Fall SCHEDULE: To be announced and posted by Labor Day.