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2007 WCC Championship


Left : Co-Champions Charles Reinwald and Duncan Foster. 
Right : Many thanks to 2007 Champion Charles Reinwald for donating his prize money back to our good friends and hosts at Trinity Lutheran Church!

Final Standings

Open Section                                                             U1600 
T1st Duncan Foster                                                    1st Andre Morawski 
T1st Charles Reinwald                                                2nd Peter Wasilenko 
3rd Dan Garrett                                                          3rd Silvio Rosato 
T4th John Kang                                                         4th John Marino 
T4th Karl Schapira                                                    5th Peter Silton 
T6th Issac Sherman 
T6th Peter Wojnar 
8th Polly Wright 
9th Eric Samuels (Withdrew before 4th round)

RatingRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Score
1. Eric Samuels1782Lost 8Won 10Lost 2WITHDREW-1
2. Isaac Sherman1818Lost 9Lost 7Won 1Won 11Draw 32.5
3. Dan Garrett1723Won 10Won 14Won 8Lost 6Draw 23.5
4. Duncan Foster1728Lost 11Won 13Won 7Won 5Won 64
5. Polly Wright1700Won 12Draw 8Lost 14Lost 4Draw 132
6. Charles Reinwald1723Won 13Won 11Won 9Won 3Lost 44
7. John Kang1692Lost 14Won 2Lost 4Won 10Won 83
8. Peter Wojnar1678Won 1Draw 5Lost 3Won 9Lost 72.5
9. Karl Shapira1674Won 2Won 12Lost 6Lost 8Won 143
10. Peter Silton1578Lost 3Lost 1Won 13Lost 7Lost 121
11. Silvio Rosato1513Won 4Lost 6Lost 12Lost 2BYE2
12. Andre Morawski1441Lost 5Lost 9Won 11Won 14Won 103
13. John Marino1154Lost 6Lost 4Lost 10BYEDraw 51.5
14. Peter Wasilenko806Won 7Lost 3Won 5Lost 12Lost 92