2005 WCC Championship

Left : Karl Schapira the 2005 WCC champion recieves his trophy from two-time former champ, NM Rich Jackson.

Right : Silvio Rosato, winner of the U1400 division, recieves his trophy with great satisfaction.

Open Section

1st Karl Schapira

T2nd Peter Wojnar

T2nd Andre Morawski

T4th Dan Garrett

T4th Peter Silton

T4th Jacob Spitzer

7th Tom Mendola

8th Duncan Foster


1st Silvio Rosato

2nd John Marino

T3rd Fred Gurzeler

T3rd Joel Ross

T3rd Bob Holloman

T6th Sam Davies

T6th Peter Wasilienko

7th Aaron Priest (withdrew)

Left : Tournament director Andre Morawski scores big, taking second place overall for the third time in his career.

Right : This man is clearly excited. Is it because he has just shaken hands with the great Rich Jackson? Perhaps it

is his second place finish in the U1400 division. Congrats Mr. President!

Left : Long-time club member Fred Gurzeler wins another honor at the WCC.

Right : The young Bob Holloman was one of three in a three-way tie for third!

At the awards ceremony 2004 and 2005 WCC champions, Rich Jackson and Karl Schapira, put on an exhibition game. Here are some shots from the event.

...And if you're not helping Karl against the powerful Jackson?...play chess! You're at the WCC!!